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mom vi·vant – noun : \ˈmäm-vē-ˈväⁿ\

Full Definition of MOM VIVANT

: a mom having cultivated, refined, and sociable tastes especially with respect to food and drink.

Before becoming a mom, I loved to eat at wonderful restaurants and sip fancy cocktails with my amazing friends (some of which have not joined the ranks of parenthood yet). But alas, the course of true dining never did run smooth, and bringing children along proved to be difficult, if not challenging, at times. Two beautiful daughters later, I asked myself: Should one preclude the other? NO, I say!!

I refuse to believe that in a city as large and as diverse as New York, there are no delightful restaurants where a Mom Vivant can enjoy great food, wine and cocktails with her fabulous friends and her amazing culinary-curious children at the same time!!

Let’s face it, not many of my wonderful friends rejoice at the thought of meeting me and my kids for a fabulous Saucy Sunday Brunch at some family-themed restaurant. Therefore, I have made it my (and my two lovely little ones’) mission to find those restaurants that cater to the “fabulous” in all of us while being family friendly (whether in substance or in practice).

This website, a work in progress, is a compilation of our own dining experiences with kids in tow and aims to provide all those Mom Vivants (and their cliques) with comments and ratings in the categories we think are important, with the ultimate goal of helping you find a place to have a wonderful dining experience with your children and friends.

You will find places that are kid-friendly without being a theme park, those that claim to be kid-friendly but do not allow you to store your stroller or those rare gems that offer it all: kids’ menus, highchairs, changing tables, crayons, fascinating cocktails (for you & your adult friends) and delicious food (for all).

Parenthood never tasted so good. À votre santé!

Mom Vivant