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This cute establishment, located in the corner of Third Avenue and 9th Street, doesn’t seem to fit in the rapidly transforming industrial wasteland of Gowanus. The big windows, populated with an orderly row of Martini bottles lets you into a nice space with old tiling in the floor and tin ceilings. The long grey stone and dark wood bar to your right makes you want to order a glass of wine or a cute cocktail and engage in interesting conversation with the regulars and the bartender, while the booths and tables to your left, separated from the bar by a wood and glass wall that serves as additional bar seating area, make you want to sit down and enjoy one of those long European style meals. Bar Tano also has a little seating area outside which, even though it definitely doesn’t have the best views in the city, it’s nice enough to enjoy on a summery evening and surprisingly not as noisy as one would expect, considering it faces the traffic on Third Avenue and the rumbling of the F and G trains above. We stopped by with the girls on a balmy Sunday evening and were quickly sat outside, which was perfect for the weather.

Bar Tano offers Italian fare and even though it doesn’t have a kids menu, it offers a variety of pizzas along with provini (little dishes to start your meal), panini and burgers, which should work for most kids. We ordered a margherita pizza, with a thin crust and generous amounts of sauce and mozzarella. The pizza was pretty good and the girls devoured it, although the sauce was a bit garlicky for my taste. We also ordered the carciofo alla griglia, two grilled artichokes wrapped in prosciutto, lying on a bed of Gorgonzola sauce. To be honest, I was a bit disappointed with it and felt that the best part of the dish was the sauce. Next time I think we will go for a number of their provini and the very tempting quattro formaggi pizza. Make sure you leave some space for dessert and an after dinner drink: their bread pudding was superb and it would go perfectly well with a port.

Bar Tano bread pudding

There are two unisex bathrooms in the back to your left, just by the exit to the outside seating area. They are both decently clean, but if you are going in with the kids, make sure that you get into the one straight ahead, the bigger one, which is pretty ample even though it doesn’t have a changing table. The one to the right hand side is as tiny as the Marx Brother’s cabin. Believe me on that one, I went in with both girls because, somehow, they always need to go to the smallest bathrooms at the same time. The other option being one of them needing to go to the restroom just after I had sat down to enjoy my meal. Sounds familiar?

Overall, a most charming place in a location that doesn’t have that many food establishments and which I am pretty sure we will stop by in the future.

Bar Tano
457 Third Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11215
Tel: 718-499-3400

Monday – Sunday 11:00am – 4:00pm
Sunday – Thursday: 5:00pm – 12:00am
Friday – Saturday: 5:00pm – 1:00am



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