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Following the increasing number of new apartment buildings, a bunch of restaurants have popped up in what used to be the god-forsaken land of Third Avenue in the Gowanus area.

Somehow we ended up in Third Avenue one Sunday afternoon and believe me, it felt like marching with a caravan of pioneers going to the Far West and not knowing if you were going to make it: a crabby and hungry husband along with tired and cranky kids, walking along car repair shops and old warehouses and not sure about where to (or even if we should) stop. Dad Vivant suggested Fletcher’s for a break and snack on their ribs, just before a major meltdown (mine, not the kids’).

The place is unassuming, just big windows in a nondescript building,  that could easily be taken for any other type of store. It does have a very raw and grey industrial look: cement floors and whitewashed walls house a bar to the right and big chunky wood tables to the left and ample enough that one could bring in a stroller. There is additional seating area at the bar and at the big window to the left. The orders are taken in the bar (written on your place mat) and once it is ready, your name is called and you can pick your order at the bar, pay and bus it yourself back to your table. Fletcher’s offers traditional BBQ and Southern food and you can see the smokers behind the bar (not as entertaining as a brick oven). It does have high chairs but it doesn’t have a kids menu, which didn’t seem to bother the girls as they were willing to eat ribs as long as they got a lemonade. And for the adults, it has wine, a selection of beers, whiskey and whiskey cocktails.

We ordered a 1/4 of ribs, a couple of iced cold beers and a lemonade for the girls. The presentation was pretty simple (and eco): our order was placed on top of our place mat/order on a metal tray (which made me wonder why they had an ad on their window looking for a dishwasher if they didn’t really use plates). The ribs were tastily messy, but we were not crazy about them. The beer was chilled and the lemonade was a hit with the girls, so that front was covered.

The single unisex bathroom is on the back, on the right hand side, which followed the rest of the establishment’s decor: cement floor, white tiles and a blackboard wall. Although it is ample, it doesn’t have a changing table.

Personally, I was not swept off my feet by this place. Probably, the overall mood of a hungry family, two fighting girls and really loud (and not too good for my taste) heavy metal music didn’t help. But then, if I find myself in the area, I wouldn’t mind giving the spot another chance, if only to taste their mac and cheese, a favorite American classic with the girls (and me).

Fletcher’s Brooklyn Barbecue
433 Third Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11215
Tel: 347-763-2680

Wednesday – Thursday: 11:30am – 10:00pm
Friday – Saturday: 11:30am – 11:00pm
Sunday: 11:30am – 10:00pm


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