Les Vivants


Born and brought up in Malaga, Southern Spain, Carolina was exposed from a short age to a myriad of different flavors due to a Basque/Spanish father and a Chinese mother. Carolina lived in Taipei, the UK, cold Massachusetts and Malaga again before settling in Brooklyn, NY. She used to chronicle her urban adventures as a Spaniard in New York in the award-winning blog Un trocito de El Palo en Brooklyn.

When not running around like a New Yorker, Carolina loves trying new places with her two daughters, Little Sous Chef and La Petite Wasabi. Mom Vivant was born from these culinary adventures with the little ones.

Carolina has yet to meet a Bloody Mary she doesn’t like and wonders about the reasoning behind the existence of Brussels sprouts. Her other favorite things include copious amounts of coffee, cocktails with her girlfriends, sushi, wine, reading, Instagram, movies, anything with illustrations in it and daydreaming about moving to a (warmer) place by the ocean.

She also openly admits that, as much as she loves food, her cooking abilities are quite limited.


Little Sous Chef

LittleSousChefBorn and raised in New York City, Little Sous Chef loves to cook and photograph.

A real New Yorker, she likes hailing cabs, watching impromptu shows in the subway, eating out, sushi, lemonade and gourmet cheese burgers and would like to be a vet.



La Petite Wasabi

LaPetiteWasabiBeing a little sister can be hard at times, but with some New York attitude and lots of sense of humor, one can get by.

La Petite Wasabi got her nickname after her love for spicy food from a young age (and for her spiky personality). She likes wearing tutus, painting on walls with markers, running under sprinklers in the summer, pizza, Nutella and ice cream and can rock a Barça jersey like is no one’s business.