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Pizza Moto

I have been wanting to try this (not so) new addition to the neighborhood and it was not too difficult to convince Little Sous Chef and La Petite Wasabi to come with me and try a new pizza joint. I had already heard outstanding reviews from friends (and the press), both for the pizza and the salads (the panzanella in particular). So we decided to check it out on a nice Saturday afternoon for a late brunch.

The walk to the space is kind of sketchy. Located on the south side of Hamilton Avenue, literally almost underneath the Gowanus Expressway, one wouldn’t expect to find a pizza paradise next to a closed car repair shop and opposite a gas station. But once you see the vintage lamps outside, the wood logs underneath the window and a big wood cart with plants opposite it, something tells you that the walk was very much worth it.


The entrance has wall paper that seems to be repurposed architectural plans. Once inside, the space is inviting and fun. There is a long communal table in the center and there are a couple of tables by the big window. To the left, exposed brick showcases a fireplace with a couple more tables and, at the end, a beautiful wood bar. On the right side, there are a couple of booths underneath vintage newspaper clips and photos. And even though it was a bit late for brunch standards (we got there a bit past 2:00pm), there were a number of friends enjoying their pizzas and cocktails. As it should be on a Saturday afternoon.

We were quickly sat at one of the booths and our server was nice enough to store the girls’ scooters in the back. The place is not small but I could see it being a bit cramped when in full swing, so I would recommend avoiding a stroller and if you absolutely need to bring one, then make it a foldable one.

Our server was very friendly and helpful with the questions we had regarding the menu. The girls went for the ‘rita, their margherita pizza (although I was really trying to convince them to order the mushroom one. When it comes to pizza this girls are quite conservative). I was debating between the fried cauliflower and the warm tinned sardines. Our server told us they were both very popular and a difficult choice. I went with the cauliflower along with a cold Six Point beer. I couldn’t have made a better choice: the cauliflower was tender without losing its crispness (a true balancing act) and then fried to perfection with a tangy and sweet sauce that paired perfectly with it. The girls were not really sure about eating cauliflower, but once they tried it, they couldn’t stop eating it. The only drawback this dish has is that is served only as an appetizer. I think I could have based my entire meal on those little morsels of heaven.


And then the pizza came. It was a thin crust pizza with the perfect amount of tomato and mozzarella. The piping hot melted mozzarella was fresh and delicious. Given that it was a thin crust pizza, it was not that easy to hold in your hand New York style, but even if it required the help of a fork and knife, it was a very fine pizza indeed. Now I know I need to come back with Dad Vivant for their happy hour and try their “Eggs in Hell” pizza (A pizza with bacon, chili oil and a soft cooked egg on a bed of tomato sauce and mozzarella? Are you kidding me? Can’t miss that!!).

The single unisex bathroom is in the back on the right hand side. It is ample, with a vintage look and clean but unfortunately it doesn’t have a changing table.

If it were closer to the main thoroughfare I think I could go to Pizza Moto every day. But then, who said that the course of true love would run smooth?

Pizza Moto
330 Hamilton Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11231

Tel: 718-834-6686

Tuesday – Thursday: 5:30pm – 10:30pm
Friday – Saturday: 5:30pm – 11:00pm
Sunday: 5:30pm – 10:30pm
Saturday – Sunday: 12:00pm – 4:00pm