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The Black Ant

A couple of Saturdays ago I was with a fellow mom and we decided to take our daughters out to brunch, because that is what girls do on a lazy Saturday afternoon, don’t they?

Granted it was a bit late, around 2.30pm, and most of the restaurants in the East Village were packed with people sitting outside, taking in the beautifully rare warm November day, while sipping cocktails and having brunch fare.

After an attempt at one Italian place that has been on my radar and been told that there was a 45 minute wait to get a table for five, something that doesn’t really work when you have three hungry little girls, we decided on The Black Ant, which although pretty busy, did have a perfect round table for five at the front of the house.

The space is more catered towards the younger crowd (aka sans children) that populate the East Village than towards the parenting crowd (as the loud music could attest), but they were really accommodating to two moms and their three girls (I think the fact that the three of them are rather cute helped a bit), all in need of brunch.


The Black Ant is a darkish space a couple of steps down facing Second Avenue, with a tiny outdoorsy space in the front. The restaurant is a long narrow space with an bigger round table on the front, the bar to the right and a row of tables to the left, so it seems like a better idea to go with no strollers or if you really need one, opt for the foldable one. They also have an inside patio, in the back to the right, which was not set up when we were there, but that seems colorful, ample and fun.

Our server was super friendly and helped us choose a dish for the girls, given that they don’t have a kids menu. We decided on the Taquitos Dorados, which seemed the most innocuous dish for the girls, who were in the mood for pizza instead of Mexican. We also ordered the guacamole for the table, and a side of fries, which we asked not to be spicy, and for the moms, the obvious margarita on the rocks and Huevos Pochados.

The guacamole was smooth and not too spicy, a good compliment to the margaritas, which were flavorful and strong. The girls were not crazy about the Taquitos, an entree with three hard shell tacos and shredded carrots inside. Although we had requested the fries not to be spicy, they came with some spice sprinkled on them, and after tasting the chipotle aioli that came with it, which it was a bit too much for the girls’ palates, we asked for some ketchup (I know, awful. Especially when the aioli was really good and complimented the fries, but then, you can’t mess it up with ketchup and kids). Ketchup fixed the wrong and the girls devoured the fries after their initial protest (with a second order shortly after).


The Huevos Pochados were two poached eggs over a chipotle salsa that was very tasty, with the right amount of spice, and some crsioy jamón serrano and greens. Just delicious. Perfect amount of food and of spice that I enjoyed immensely.

The two unisex bathrooms are all the way in back, to the right, and are decently clean but do not have a changing table.

This place would be better enjoyed if you came with a friend to catch up over a strong margarita and some snacks rather than with kids.  So grab a friend and head over to their daily happy hour.

The Black Ant
60 Second Avenue
New York, NY 10003
Tel: 212-598-0300

Monday – Wednesday: 11:00am – 12:00am
Thursday – Saturday: 11:00am – 1:00am
Sunday: 11:00am – 12:00am