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It seems that lately Thursdays have been the new Fridays for me and the girls, and this past Thursday was no exception. After having enjoyed a fantastic drum session by Batala (an all female Brazilian drum band) and a fun and interactive exhibit of capoeira under the Manhattan Bridge, we found ourselves on an empty stomach and with the possibility of not making it home intact. The girls’ first request was Shake Shack but it was packed so we decided (after lots of tears and begging) to move on and find a place that would feed 2 tired and hungry girls and offer their mom a nice glass of wine. Not being able to find a cab to return to our neighborhood, the allure of Becacco’s aligned vermouth bottles and beautiful windows was too charming to pass.

We have been going to Bevacco since they first opened and I do have a sweet spot for this place in my heart. It has hosted date nights; family visiting from abroad; long conversations over Lambrusco with Rue de Papier‘s talented Robin; my becoming an American citizen and it was the first restaurant La Petite Wasabi went to, just out of the hospital. As it is a bit out of our way, we don’t stop by as often as I would if it were closer by.

The space is huge and beautifully decorated. On the corner of Henry and Cranberry streets, Bevacco has huge northern and eastern exposure windows that light the Art Deco looking space gorgeously. The color palette is a mix of raw cement walls, old looking white tile flooring, dark wood with red accents seats, matching the heavy white stone and iron tables, and big mirrors in the back.

A long bar to the left welcomes diners and drinkers alike; the diaphanous dining area is to the right, where we were quickly sat by a window overlooking Cranberry St. The place was mostly taken by couples on a date night and some groups of friends. Although it was not packed, there seemed to be some sort of miscommunication between our servers, and it took a bit longer to get our order than expected. They did bring a high chair and water for the girls in plastic cups with covers and straws.

They don’t have a kids menu, but their food is pretty kid friendly. As the girls were set on having a burger and fries, they ordered the Americano burger, a Pat LaFrieda burger with a choice of cheddar, mozzarella or fontina and homemade potato chips that were to die for. Little Sous Chef pronounced herself so hungry that she said weBevacco panino needed a pizza for the table. I was hungry myself so I didn’t fight the idea too much and in a very adventurous move decided that the
Pietro pizza (a pizza with fior di latte, caramelized onions and anchovies) would be the perfect companion to my merlot. And yes, I know anchovies are one of those things that has ardent defenders and strong detractors. I am the former and apparently my kids are the latter. In any case, the pizza was really tasty (if you like the mix of sweet caramelized onions and salty anchovies) and the burger was also very flavorful (after the girls’ initial shock of seeing served as a panino, instead of a traditional burger, it was devoured in no time). Everything went pretty well, but I felt a bit rushed as they brought us our check before we had finished our dinner, especially when the place was kind of empty.

The two restrooms are in the back, past the bar. The ladies room, to the right, is ample, barely decorated and a bit dark. It’s decently clean but it doesn’t have a changing table.

I have to say that except for the service that night, which I think was a bit off and had not been that way in my previous visits, the rest of the experience was lovely and it definitely diffused the potential nuclear meltdown (from both the girls and me). Would definitely stop by if we are in the neighborhood and in need of a glass of wine and a snack.

60 Henry Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Tel: 718-624-1444

Monday – Friday: 11:30pm – 12:00am
Saturday – Sunday: 10:00am – 12:00am


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