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Crustless Mini Quiches

I hate New Year’s resolutions, because the few I make, I don’t seem to be able to keep up with. Basically, they are a trap set up for failure. On that note, and setting up the expectations bar high (talk about a need of therapy here!), I would really, really like to try to make lunch at school for the girls a more organized affair and prepare things before hand instead of resorting to the ever handy box of mac and cheese.

Yes, apart from the usual suspects, I have also made several attempts of sending the girls to school with organic lentils or with quinoa and veggies, which have mostly come back home intact and when they disappear, La Petite Wasabi crushes my macrobiotic dreams telling me, kind of nonchalantly, “I don’t like cous-cous. I put it in the garbage.” Really, kiddo? I get it, you have a palate for the finer things and some haphazardly put together lentils will not cut it, but that?!!

So trying to make more appealing food that can be stored in advance and that’s part of the Cooking for Dummies series has been my resolution for this year. And I have to tell you, that type of food is not that easily found (I guess I don’t have much of an interest. I do find reeeeeaaaaaally nice shoes, totes and stationery on the internet. And without having to spend that much time searching. Spending money, that’s another thing…). I have resorted to some of the cooking for kids websites and some other fellow mom blogs. They all have nice photos and pretty straight to the point instructions that, for some strange reason, do not seem to work when I am in charge of the kitchen. I have also turned to Pinterest, which could really give you high anxiety. Can one really cook Brussels sprouts that way? And they taste like heaven? My outtake on that beautiful recipe looks (and tastes) like sh*t, even when (I think) I have followed all of the steps. But they are healthy… An argument that convinces no one. Would you eat them if I wrap them in bacon? Like high end bacon?

After going to a party where my very crafty friend Mélanie had made delicious mini quiches, it suddenly hit me. Those little pieces of heaven were the perfect size for school lunch. Plus she told me they were not that difficult to make (the concept of difficulty being a question of perception, methinks). So I made it my thing to find a similar recipe on that dark hole that the world wide web is.

I found and followed this version of crustless mini quiches (thanks, Pinterest) and it’s easy, fast, as healthy as you want to make it, and you don’t really have to channel your inner Julia Child to make these babies happen. Basically, the perfect recipe for someone like me. AND you can even look like that awesome creative mom if you have some cute cupcake liners (which, believe it or not, I have!!! Gifted to Little Sous Chef by some friend. But I could have possibly bought them, no?).

The best part of it? You probably have most of the ingredients in your kitchen:


-6 eggs
-1/2 cup of milk
-Condiments (I used salt, pepper, and herbs de Provence)
-Any veggies you might have in your kitchen finely chopped. This time I used red onions, green peppers, broccoli, yellow and red cherry tomatoes and zucchini
-You can also add any protein you might have (cheese, ham, bacon…)


– Preheat oven to 350° F.


– Whisk eggs, milk and condiments. Once they are well mixed, add the finely chopped veggies and/or protein.


– Prepare 9 spots out of a 12-muffin pan. You can put those cute cupcake liners on 9 of them or just put some butter so they won’t stick.

– Pour the mix in the muffin tray.

– Bake for about 10 minutes. Turn the tray around 180° so the all mini quiches bake evenly. It should be done in about 20/25 minutes but you will know for sure if you put a knife through and it comes out clean.

– Scoop out with a spoon.

– Let them cool and enjoy!

These are prefect finger food and would look great at any party. Plus the cupcake liner makes them even cuter. I am seriously considering doing a muffin sized tortilla de patatas.