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Hill Country Barbecue Market ~ CLOSED

As any parent might already know, shopping (of any type) with toddlers in tow is probably the closest thing to Dante’s Hell on earth. That said, last week in order to avoid having to go into the city, we thought we could get away with doing some kids shopping on the very convenient and quickly gentrifying Fulton Mall. Ha! Arguing with an opinionated fabulous 6-year old and chasing after an I-need-to-touch-everything 3-year old is not my idea of retail therapy. And of course, suddenly everyone under the 4 feet mark had to go to the bathroom at the same time. Panic! We were in the middle of a bunch of stores with no bathrooms plus, at that point, I really, really needed a drink. Our first impulse (suggestion of Little Sous Chef) was the Shake Shack on Fulton (which, by the way, has a code to use the bathroom. No time to wait on line, order food, get the code on your receipt and wait on line again to get into the bathroom), and then we noticed Hill Country, which had been recommended by a couple of friends. OK, in we went: it seemed to have a full bar, so we got a drink for mom and dad and had the girls use their restroom.

The space is really big and a very nice host welcomed us. The bar is to the right, by an ample sitting area with a simple decor: exposed bricks, huge windows and picnic tables with some mismatched chairs. All the way to the back there is a counter where you can order your food, which is what we did. Come on, do you really think our kids would go somewhere just to use the restroom?

Speaking of, the restrooms are past the host, on the second floor, where they have a huge space for parties and a Family Jam every Sunday from 12.00pm-4.00pm. Are you serious?? Food, drinks AND games and activities for the kids? This is definitely worth checking out.

The ladies room is ample and dimly lit, with wood and concrete decor. There are 4 ample stalls and the one in the back has a changing table. The sink is long and to the girls’ amusement, it reminds a bit of the Far West.

So after freshening up, we went downstairs where Dad Vivant was waiting for us with the drink of the day, the so called Texas Tornado, a refreshing infusion of sweet tea vodka, bourbon and a kick of mint. The perfect, and very much needed, drink for that moment. He had also ordered lemonade for the girls, which they loved, and a brisket sandwich combo for the family that came with cornbread and maple butter and two sides of your choice (collard greens and mac and cheese).

There is no kids menu, but the girls had no problem chowing down the juicy brisket sandwiches and the mac and cheese. They were not that crazy about the tasty collard greens but we liked them quite a bit. Our server, who was super friendly with the girls, came by a couple of times to make sure everything was OK and even offered to show us their dessert. He definitely has no kids of his own! Dessert doesn’t come in a menu, it comes to you, so how can you say no when a chocolate blackout pot or a banana pudding are suggestively looking at you? Of course the girls went for the chocolate blackout (to share), which was rich, creamy and decadent.

They do have a happy hour from 3.00pm-7.00pm and they also have live music in the evenings. Good food, strong drinks and weekly family events, I can see this place becoming a family favorite.

Hill Country Barbecue Market
345 Adams Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Tel: 718-885-4608

Sunday – Monday: 11:30am – 11:00pm
Tuesday – Thursday: 11:30am – 12:00am
Friday – Saturday: 11:30am – 1:00am