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Call me crazy, but I really believe that when my daughter is innocently playing with my iPhone, instead of learning how to spell kindergartener words, she is checking if Shake Shack is preparing for an IPO. Either that or the food this place prepares is cult-like. I seriously haven’t seen anyone more enthusiastic about eating in an establishment than Little Sous Chef talking about Shake Shack.

And I should agree with her that, yes, the place is good. It’s definitely not In-N-Out, but I think it’s the closest we get to it on the east coast. And I have to admit that it saved us when driving to NH this summer: lunch stop under torrential rain in New Haven with two hungry toddlers in tow? You can’t go wrong with Shake Shack.

The DUMBO location, which opened this past June, is ample and aligned with the industrial and repurposed philosophy this chain has: wood panels in the walls coexist with exposed brick and you can enjoy your meal on the heavy reclaimed wood and metal tables with views to the Brooklyn Bridge (more like the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory, but you know what I mean). Good thing they don’t have metal high chairs, even though that would give the whole place a vintage/industrial look. The space is ample enough for strollers and they have a little ramp to communicate the registers with the dining area.

They don’t have a kids menu, but it’s apparent that they don’t need one. Just ask my 5-year old, who can wolf down a whole Shack Burger (an angus beef cheese burger with lettuce and tomato and the addictive shack sauce) and munch on their Cheese Fries and call it a meal. La Petite Wasabi is more into the fries and less into the burger, but she also does damage there. And if you want to top your meal, we have heard that their shakes and floats are heavenly (too much for us in just one sitting, but we will eventually get to them). In the meantime, we, the parents, are good with their ShackMeister Ale® by Brooklyn Brewery, which you are kindly informed you have to drink in the establishment and it’s not “to go”.

The two bathrooms are ample and given the amount of traffic they get, not as bad as they could be. They do have changing tables and disposable toilet seat covers, which always come handy.

Shake Shack – DUMBO
1 Old Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Tel: 347-435-2676

Monday – Sunday: 11:00am – 11:00pm


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