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After a harrowing Saturday morning that started by taking us over 3 hours to get out of the house due to sisterly (un)love; a total lack of cooperation on every item of clothing presented to our 3 year old and a time out given to mom (aka, yours truly) before she turned into a venom spewing demon; the very sweet and thoughtful Dad Vivant decided that it would be best to start the weekend from scratch with some burgers and a cold pint. Apparently, the idea of a burger (and meeting up with one of their best friends) changed the girls’ disposition: from being these two unruly little monsters, they turned into these smiley cooperative girls. Really? Is it a burger with fries what it takes to convince you to wear a coat and a sweater in a 30°F weather instead of a pink tutu or is this some type of practical joke?

Anyway, Dad Vivant had got raving reviews from 3 of his friends (remember, he is a photographer and applies the rule of thirds/threes in everything in life) and as it was a middle point to meet up with our friend (who also has a very sweet 3 year old with strong ideas), we decided to meet there.

It struck us that there were a bunch of strollers parked outside, so I was not sure if this would be a kid friendly space, as the recommendation came from three of our sans-kids friends. Fret not! The place was packed with kids of all ages, from infants sleeping in car seats/carriers to teenagers chatting with their parents while delicately nibbling on French fries.

The space is ample with a large communal table to your left and a bar to your right. There is also a huge TV to your right and some high tables with stools along the big windows. It has the raw look to it with exposed brick and tin walls, wood furniture and these heavy iron windows that were brightening up the space with a beautiful early spring light.

You will find the food menu on the wall above the main communal table and the drink menu written on another chalkboard by the bar. There is no kids menu, but as it is mostly pub fare, we didn’t have much of a problem: burgers, French fries or mac and cheese seem to go well with our girls. They don’t have highchairs either, as we noticed that the two families next to us had brought their own booster seats.

You have to order your beers at the bar and your food at the kitchen window opposite to it. Note that this place is cash only, but if you are only carrying plastic, they do have an ATM machine at the back, by the bathrooms. Once you place your order, you are given a number and they bring it to your spot.

We heard great things about the kale stew, but decided to go for what we knew: medium rare Creekstone Farms cheeseburger with fries and pickles and a couple of cold pints. We were torn between the mac and cheese (that the family next to us ordered and which looked delicious) or the appealing hot wings (with a sriracha & honey hot sauce!) and ended up ordering the latter.

Double windsor chickenPhoto by David Castillo

The food came out pretty fast and the portions were generous. I have to say that the burger was very good, but a bit greasy for my taste. As we had noticed that the burgers were big, we ordered one for the girls to share, which ended up being devoured mainly by Little Sous Chef. Unfortunately, the wings were not up to our expectations. Although they were beautifully presented with black sesame seeds and a side of buttermilk dressing, the spicy coating of the wings was more honey than sriracha. So not that spicy.

There are two bathrooms side by side at the back of the space: the one in the right side is ample and dark an the one on the left is on the tinier side. None of them has a changing table.

Overall, even though we liked the space, it appears to be your neighborhood bar that has been overtaken by families. The staff was friendly to the kids, but we would suggest it as a spot to meet your friends for a pint and a bite after a long day (yes, on one of those evenings that you get to leave the kids at home).

The Double Windsor
210 Prospect Park West
Brooklyn, NY 11215
Tel: 347-725-3479

Monday – Friday: 3:00pm – 2:00am (Kitchen open 3:00pm – 11:00pm)
Friday: 3:00pm – 4:00am (Kitchen open 3:00pm – 11:00pm)
Saturday: 12:00pm – 4:00am (Kitchen open 12:00pm – 11:00pm)
Sunday: 12:00pm – 2:00am (Kitchen open 12:00pm – 11:00pm)


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