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Watty and Meg ~ CLOSED

Remember those times before married life and the little ones were here? When we were young and pretty (not that we aren’t now… And as a plus, now we have experience!) and we used to go out on those things called dates, remember? In my case, as I guess with most of you, there were the good, the bad and the ugly. Details of which, of course, were promptly shared with your girlfriends the following day.

And then, there were the forgettable. Those were the dates in which the guy was great and seemed to have it all in his favor: someone your mom would like to see you sitting next to at the family Thanksgiving dinner, good looking, nice and polite, educated, and… meh! And you really wanted to like the guy, but he just needed a bit of spunk. By the third date, you realized that you preferred cocktails to sparkling water and you (sadly) let him go for that bad boy that probably broke your heart.

Having been twice at Watty & Meg, I feel like I am reviving one of those forgettable dates. I really want to like this establishment but twice I have left the place feeling like I have just shared my dinner with a tall glass of water.

The place is beautiful, service is overall attentive and the location is superb. On the corner of Court and Kane on Cobble Hill, it’s really accessible and close to all the cool stuff this part of Brooklyn has to offer. It also helps that it’s within walking distance of not only the unreliable F but also of all of the trains that stop at Borough Hall. It has an old school feeling to it with a long dark wood bar as you enter and solid tables with heavy chairs. However, the atmosphere doesn’t feel heavy at all because of the big windows that can be opened when the weather is nice and gives the feeling that you are in a sidewalk café, somewhere far from the noises of a big city. They are kid friendly (although they have a note about not allowing strollers due to a lack of space, they offer to park them for you on the side street, Kane, behind a little fence) and they can provide you with high chairs.

The menu seems attractive and we recently went in one Monday evening to have their $10 burger and beer deal, which for New York prices is a steal. The place was quite packed and we had to wait a bit but they were able to accommodate us on a table by the open windows. They don’t have a kids menu, but they do have some kid palate approved staples: mac and cheese (with a decadent mix of three cheeses: cheddar, gruyère & grana padano, no less), burger, fries… You know the drill. I guess Monday is a busy evening because it took them quite a bit to take and bring our order, which was pretty straight forward: 2 burger specials and a mac and cheese. Watty&Meg-mac-and-cheeseThe burgers were OK. Not much to say about them for the price point, especially taking into consideration that the portion was generous and that it came with all the fixin’s, house pickles, hand cut fries and a can of Miller High Life, but mine was definitely way more cooked than the medium requested. The girls and I were really excited and looking forward to the mac and cheese, which came out in a piping hot ramekin with a beautiful gratin. And then, the disappointment. It was not a bad dish, it was just bland and it’s saddening, as they had used good quality cheeses and it could have been one of those signature dishes by which you swear. La Petite Wasabi, who happens to like her food with a bit of spice in it, had a bite and totally ignored it. Not sure if the dinner rush had made it this way but it needed a bit of je ne sais quoi. Some spunk, something.

The two unisex bathrooms are located on the lower level, at the bottom of a bit of a narrow staircase. They have really cool wallpaper but no changing tables and given their width, it can make diaper changing a bit challenging.

Overall, I would go back to try their cocktails while enjoying the nice weather and pretend to be somewhere far away, and would love to find some more life in their food.

Watty & Meg
248 Court Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Tel: 718-643-0007

Monday – Friday:
Lunch 12:00pm – 4:00pm
Dinner 5:00pm – 10:00pm

Saturday – Sunday:
Brunch 11:00am – 4:00pm
Dinner 5:00pm – 11:00pm